Rote is famous for Nembrella (a long peeling left-hander) but there are a number of other (and in our opinion better) waves to be found there ... from one of the most awesome right-handers we know to a bunch of peeling lefts as well as the southernmost wave in Indo...

From Rote we travel overnight to the remote coasts of Sawu and Raijua ... this is remote Indonesia at its best with the opportunity of finding plenty of un-ridden waves.

We finish the trip with one more visit to the beautiful Rote and neighbouring islands or, if swell conditions are right, to a remote island further north.

This trip is a great balance of cruisy tropical island surfing in a variety of waves with the added spice of adventure of travelling to some of the remotest parts of Indonesia. 

Unfortunately there are no scheduled dates available for this trip but we would be happy to organise a specialised charter. Please contact us for futher information.

Waves that only boats can get to...
Rote magic.  Another perfect left-hander.
A perfect right-hander somewhere in Rote