Below are a list of things we recommend (or require) that you bring along for a trip.  Please read carefully (boring legally required stuff first). 

Travel Insurance* 

You must be in possession of valid travel insurance covering the entire period of your trip with us.  The insurance must cover surfing, boating and other related activities.  It must also provide 'medivac' as the places we travel to are remote and lacking in medical facilities.


You are required to have a valid passport and VISA covering the entire period of the trip.  You are also required to bring this with you as Indonesian port authorities may ask to see this.  If for some reason you cannot provide your original passport please bring an official letter explaining why along with a photocopy of your passport. 

Surf equipment

Somewhat on the obvious side but don't forget to bring your boards!!! More specifically, in our experience two boards is enough ... your all-round go-to board and a board for bigger days (you could consider bringing a spare of your all-round board in case it breaks).... Also, please bring spares for other stuff such as fins and leashes and definitely bring surfboard repair equipment. 

Our team member Simon Massey ( shapes boards perfect for the kinds of waves we surf.  You can order his boards through us and we will have them ready for you on the boat when you arrive.

Other equipment (e.g. fishing, snorkelling gear)

We have plenty of fishing equipment on the boat but by all means bring your own (can never have enough lures for instance).  We also have snorkelling gear and a speargun. We recommend you bring a waterproof bag as this can be really useful when you want to take some belongings to the beach such as camera or phone.


Keep it minimal ... you are on a boat so there is no need to dress up and travelling light is definitely worth it. Shorts, boardshorts, t-shirts, a few hoddies and maybe a pair of trousers is enough.  Don't forget to bring a towel or two as well!  Shoes aren't worn on the boat so you should be fine bringing just a pair of flip-flops/sandal type things ... it might be worth bringing one pair of shoes if we choose to do a jungle excursion.


The sun is very, very hot at times so sunblock is a must.  We recommend a zinc-based (or zinc-based-like) product as it offers the best protection for the longest period of time.  Stopping a surf to put on more sunblock is a right pain (and often simply forgotten) so it's definitely worth investing in a good product.


We have a lot of different chargers and adaptors on the boat but we do recommend you bring your own just in case. 


We have a large televsion and an extensive collection of movies.  We also have a number of books and magazines, cards and board games.  Having said that it's always worth bringing your own films, music and books ... if ony to share your great taste with other guests.


* Please note that items marked with an asterisk are mandatory and if you do not possess them (and bring them with you where required) then unfortunately you risk not being able to come on the trip.