Frequently pushing boundaries in surf exploration, the guys who make up Team Bulan Baru are all about finding new waves.  We run dedicated trips that coincide with peak swells and are aimed at testing new locations... if we score the benefit is another secret spot on our list that can be enjoyed by all who sail with us.

Tai 'Buddha' Graham

The man, the legend, the guru ... and a regular footer who prefers to go left... Tai has been a key figure in Indonesian surf exploration for a long time now.  We are privilged to have him as part of our team, helping to find new spots as a result of his extensive experience and enthusiasm. 

Mikala Jones

Hawaian waterman and all round explorer, Mikala is well experienced in searching out surf in Indonesia.  He brings a calmness to the face of danger and a wealth of experience in a variety of conditions that is priceless when scoping out new waves.

Marlon Gerber

Land, Sea, Air ... and definitely when it's firing, the super stylish Marlon is at home in all the elements.  Growing up in Bali means Marlon is completely at ease in powerful Indonesian surf and always keen to find a new location and surf uncrowded waves.

Joshua Ellard Garner

Relentlessly creative, fearlessly laid-back, routinely surprising. Joshua Ellard Garner brings yet more diversity to team Bulan Baru.  A genunine artist; be it with the canvas, the guitar or a massive wave.  He's a perfect character for trying things new and seeing things in a different way ...  exactly what you need when searching out new waves.

Simon Massey

Shaper/surfer extraordinaire ... from teaching the Buddha how to surf to shaping awesome boards for Bulan Baru and her guests to getting consistently and utterly shacked in deep Indo barrels ... Massey has great scope and attention to detail.  His surfing style is elegant and powerful and so are his boards, many of which will have been shaped with deep knowledge of the waves we surf ... before a trip we recommend you place an order through us for a superb addition to your quiver (for more info see or check out his Instagram below).

Romulo Arantes Neto

Romulo Neto is one of Brazil’s biggest movie and tv stars … but you wouldn’t know it hanging out with him in the lineup.  He’s a laid back, modest guy … indeed if you were to think he were famous it would probably be as a pro surfer given what an utter barrel-meister this talented human is.  Romulo has recently found the time to focus on his other great passion besides the stage: the ocean … and his first step in this new journey is to join the team at Bulan Baru. Exciting times, we’re greatly looking forward to seeing what epic projects this new collaboration will bring.