One big Australian and one small English man met in a warung one afternoon and thought what a great idea it would be to get a boat and sail around Indonesia, surfing remote waves and sharing the experience with fellow intrepid explorers. 

Some while later and a lot of hard work in Sulawesi and a boat, which we named Bulan Baru (meaning New Moon), finally pulled in to Serangan harbour in Bali.  Here we set about turning our boat in to a comfortable, surf-focused vessel ready to travel in search of perfect, empty waves.

With a team of 20 strong carpenters, engineers and electricians from all parts of Indonesia we set to work for the next few months to produce the vessel we have now.  We owe a big credit to them all!

And so in march 2014 with the boat finally ready for adventure we, and 10 guests, left Bali and headed east in search of empty waves... and this is how BULAN BARU was born.

BULAN BARU is first and foremost about the spirit of exploration and the desire to surf in untainted natural environments.  We go on all the trips ourselves and are committed to the experience.  A good surf, a new place, a fresh idea ... these are things that motivate us.