> How do I book a trip?

Simply send us an email (you can use the form here) telling us which trip you are interested in and any other questions you may have and we will get straight back to you with details.  You are required to pay a deposit of 10% to reserve a place after which you need to pay the remaining 90% at least 60 days prior to departure to confirm the place (please see our terms and conditions for more detailed information).

> Do you do group bookings?

Yes.  We offer discounts for groups and can also provide exclusivity of the boat.  The details vary depending on the particular group booking so please contact us.  You can read more about group bookings here.

> Do you do private charters?

Yes.  Read more here.

> What happens if there are no waves? 

We have never had a trip where people haven't been able to surf every day.  Nonetheless the boat and the locations offer a variety of things to do if you aren't surfing.  We have a large television with plenty of DVDs. Then there is a SUP which can be used to go exploring with.  Simply going on land for a trek is a great thing to do, or paddle up a river. We have lots of fishing equipment which is a great activity and one that often results in a superb meal! 

> What other activities are available besides surfing?

Please see above. 

> Do you ever go on land?

Yes.  We love to explore so we frequently go for treks or just paddle up a river and see what's there. Sometimes we have barbecues on the beach. We like to meet local people and find that the places we go still retain that wonderful aspect of travel where you and the locals are equally curious of each other. 

> Must I have insurance? 

Yes.  It's mandatory that you have insurance that covers medical expenses (including evacuation) and repatriation.  See our terms for full information or contact us directly with any questions you have. 

> Should I bring my Passport?

Yes, always.  You are often required by port authorities to show your original passport.  Please ensure it has a minimum validity of 6 months after the end of the trip and has all the required stamps/VISAs etc. to allow you to legitimately travel in Indonesia.

> What do you have in the case of an accident or severe illness?

We have a medical kit and our crew are trained and experienced in safety matters on board the boat and are able to deal with minor injuries.  Handling more serious problems will depend on location and in the most extreme cases we will call in a medical evacuation team (hence the madatory requirement that your insurance cover medical evacuation). Please see our terms for details.

> Do you have internet/phone reception?

Sometimes.  It depends on where we are.  Since we follow the coast cell towers have greater range than on land but given that our trips are aimed at remote locations you should not expect to be able to be 'online' as normal.  We do have a satellite phone but this is only to be used in the case of emergency. 

> What safety equipment do you have?

We have a fully certified liferaft and lifejackets, flares, a satellite phone, a satellite communicator with SOS facility and other maritime safety essentials.

> What about malaria?

Because we are on a boat there are almost never any mosquitos (after spending time in a jungle this is almost enough reason alone to go on a boat trip!). As a result malaria is almost zero risk.  However, going on land, especially at dusk will carry the normal malarial risk of those regions.

> What about mosquitos?

Please see above. 

> What food and drinks do you serve?

Our food is generally top quality western oriented cuisine but we do incorporate many eastern elements. We have beer and many soft drinks on board.  If you think you will consume a lot of beer please contact us beforehand so we can get extra stock in.

> Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

We are committed to looking after our guests so the general answer is yes but it will depend on the location (because of supplies) and the particular dietary requirements you have.  Please contact us before your trip to discuss this. 

> What if we get hungry outside of meal times?

There is always food available on the boat.  There's stuff you can make yourself or you can always ask our chef to whip you up a quick omlette or sandwich for example.

Is your speedboat fast?

Yes. We have a 5m zodiac with a 40hp Yamaha engine. We also have a smaller speedboat so some guests can fish or go to land while other guests surf.

Do you have fishing gear?

Yes we have rods, nets, spearguns and other fishing paraphenalia, but if you want to bring your own please do! 

How do you choose which waves to surf?

Generally the surfguide will decide which locations to go to but once there the guests call the shots as to where to surf, sometimes with different groups going to different waves nearby.  Of course if the guests wish to surf a particular location then the surfguide will endeavour to take them there. 

How many toilets are on board?

Two. Both with showers. 

Do you carry stuff for board repair?

Our boat is a surfcharter boat so there are always surf related things on board.  However we strongly advise you bring your own repair kits and we do not promise surfboard repairs as part of the service.

Do you have television/dvd player etc.?

Yes, we have a 40" flatscreen TV and an extensive media library. 

Do you have A/C?

Yes, the sleeping area is fully airconditioned.

Do you allow alcohol on the boat?

Yes, we supply beer and you are permitted to bring your own drinks.  HOWEVER we will not tolerate drunkeness on the boat as it is a significant safety risk to both yourself and other passengers.  If you arrive in an intoxicated state we reserve the right to prevent you from boarding.  If you become intoxicated while onboard we reserve the right to remove you from the boat at the earliest convenience.  In such cases no refund will be given and all expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the intoxicated individual.