Experience a unique surf charter that takes in one of the remotest islands in Indonesia.
We begin our journey at Rote, the home of T-land (aka Nembrella) which is a superb lefthander, peeling for hundreds of meters. Around Rote are numerous smaller islands, only accessible by boat and so empty waves are guaranteed. 
From the region of Rote we head straight to one of the remotest parts of Indonesia, the islands of Sawu and Raijua (home of the longest lefthander in Indonesia). These islands are hardly ever visited by outsiders and and have a lot of pontential for surf to be found.
After Sawu we head to Sumba but beforehand we surf a tiny island with some great waves that really gives you that feeling of surfing a desert island in the middle of the ocean.
And then on to Sumba where we follow a long stretch of coast as yet untouched by civilisation.  It's a coasline of wild jungle and majestic mountans, beautiful bays and sandy beaches ... and always the potential for discovering a new spot! 

Unfortunately there are no scheduled dates available for this trip but we would be happy to organise a specialised charter. Please contact us for futher information.

Rote magic.  Another perfect left-hander.
The water is so clear it's like flying.
Getting slotted in Sumba.
Enjoying a fun day with friends.
Waves that only boats can get to...