Our first destination lies in a protected national park ensuring  uncrowded waves in stunning scenery. From there we have a wealth of options to explore both nearby and further afield.

Heading west there are some mainland spots to enjoy before heading off to the treasures of Panaitan.  Yes it's home to one of the gnarliest waves in Indonesia but if that seems daunting (rather than an exhilerating challenge) note that there are a variety of other waves in the area to suit a variety of abilities, all set in a national park ensuring empty lineups and beautiful backdrops.

Then we set sail for Krakatau region which is a ring of islands offering a variety of waves depenending on contidions, fantastic fishing and of course the opportunity to see the still-active 'Anak Krakatau' (meaning child of Krakatau). 

Unfortunately there are no scheduled dates available for this trip but we would be happy to organise a specialised charter. Please contact us for futher information.