We start this trip by taking in some well known spots in West Sumbawa (even then we know a couple of places where we can get empty waves).  Heading East we stop at a barelling right hander before heading off to surf one of the best uncrowded waves left in Indonesia.

Normally we stay there a few days because it's simply too good to leave ... after which we may head to some spots further west in Sumbawa or head straight to magical Sumba.

We follow the southern coast which as yet remains almost completely untouched by civilisation.  It's a coastline of wild jungle and majestic mountans, beautiful bays and sandy beaches.  One of these bays may be known to you as Millers.  A world-class righthander ... the only complaint from our guests is that the wave is just so long that the paddle back out is tiring.  Luckily we have a highspeed zodiac to take you back to the lineup!

After surfing the many secret spots in Sumba we will head of to the small gem of an island called Mangkudu.  The water here is so clear that surfing feels like flying!  After which we pass some more breaks on mainland Sumba before arriving in Waingapu. 

This is an awesome route taking in numerous secret spots as well as a few world renowned waves...
Unfortunately there are no scheduled dates available for this trip but we would be happy to organise a specialised charter. Please contact us for futher information.