This trip leaves Waingapu in Sumba and heads along the eastern coast taking in some rarely visited spots.  Rounding the southern tip we spend some time at a fantastic deserted island where the water is the clearest we've ever seen, making surfing feel like flying at times.

After that we head westward following the southern coast of Sumba taking in numerous secret spots as well as some better known world class waves.  This coast is teeming with opportunities for finding new waves (and so far we've found a new one every year).

We continue west and on to Sumbawa and the best kept secret spot in all of indo! It will blow your mind and is definitely one of our favourite waves. Then on to western Sumbawa and about 5 other world class waves.

This is an awesome route taking in numerous secret spots as well as a few world renowned waves...


Departs Arrives Available Price
16 November
Tanjung Luar
24 November
FULL 3,000 USD

Beauty is in the eye of the right-hander (Sumba).
The water is so clear it's like flying.
Threading the needle somewhere in Sumba.
Enjoying a fun day with friends.